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Call for ESC in Poland

Dear Partners, 

I would like to ask you whether you're interested in cooperation as a Sending Organization and share the offer of our opportunity:

we're looking for participants for our long term educational ESC project called "Active Education".

I attach the infopack, the promotion pictures and below there's some basic information about it, that we usually post on social media:


"Active Education" - still recruiting!

Call for the project participants - last three vacancies left! Basic info:

  • 10 months long (September/October 2020 - July 2021);
  • work in one of the regional primary schools, youth club or a kindergarten
  • you live in beautiful city of Kielce in central Poland;
  • Group of 13 volunteers already includes people from Spain, France, Ukraine, Pakistan, islands of Runion and Tenerife
  • lots of fun and priceless experiences guaranteed!
  • more info in infopack under this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/11z5YXJv6vSCORcToSKzjtfE8IkBEgFXV/view?usp=sharing
  • if interested: send us your CV and motivation letter on ..@gmail.com
  • there's not much time left - don't wait with writing to us;)
  • if you know someone who could be interested in this project - let him know!:)
  • don't hesitate to ask me (in comment/private message) in case of any questions


Regarding the sending costs, we can offer 200 euro for participant (20euro/month). There is no strict deadline, but just as-soon-as-possible, as the project should start from the beginning of this month and it already is delayed.. I am also not sure about the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic in your country, so before publishing it, please check whether it is possible to obtain a visa (if needed) and to arrive to Poland at all.

Thank you in advance for help and cooperation.

Kindest regards,


Regionalny Punkt Informacyjny Eurodesk
przy Regionalnym Centrum Wolontariatu w Kielcach
Kielce, ul. Żeromskiego 36
tel. 41 362 14 12