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ESC vacancy in Sweden

The sky is the limit!


Project dates: December 1st 2020- August 31 2021

Volunteers apply before November 15th but we may start the recruitment process earlier if we find the right candidate. Volunteer may start before Dec 1st if possible.
Apply by email to: sara.lesch@fjallet.org



Volunteer profile: Volunteer should be 22-30 years old. We welcome young people with “fewer opportunities”, from all religions and sexual orientation.

Living arrangements: A shared apartment within 5 minutes walking distance from the youth centre. The volunteers must be aware that the apartment is shared and they will need to manage this well.

Financials: Volunteers get a monthly payment around 330€ per month (including pocket money) that should cover food and leisure activities. Accommodation, local transport, international travel, visa is covered by the Erasmus+ programme.

Placements: 2 volunteers will be hosted simultaneously at Kooperativet Fjället youth centre, City of Gothenburg Sweden. We have found the first volunteer and now we look for the second.

About Fjället:
Kooperativet Fjället is an association that runs leisure activities for young people aged 12-20 years old in Rannebergen, Gothenburg Sweden. Fjället was founded in 1992 on the initiative of young people in the area. Fjället’s highest decision-making body, is a board consisting of young people.

The youth centre is situated in the suburb Rannebergen close to Angered centre. It is a suburban area of people with many different cultural backgrounds. To get to the centre of Gothenburg from Fjället takes around 40 minutes with bus and tram.

Fjället works to stimulate and support activities based on young people's commitment and responsibility. We want to support young people to develop and we see the youth centre as a place where young people can learn new things that can be beneficial to them in their future lives. We want the young people to understand and discover their strengths and to develop their potential.

At Fjället there is 2 staff on full-time and 4 staff on part-time. Fjället is open 5 evenings per week, Tuesday through Saturday. On Mondays there is always staff meeting. We use a web-based system for documenting and follow up of the youth work and we continuously analyse and discuss the methods of working and always trying to improve the youth work we do.

Tasks of the volunteer:

At the youth centre the volunteers  will be working to engage and inspire young people take part and to create own activities. Volunteers will be working in the daily activities at the youth centre and they will also work on that disseminate information on European opportunities for young people and young adults in Rannebergen and in Angered in general. The volunteers will also support the work of sending volunteers abroad.

The volunteers work according to the goals and principles of the youth activities where they support

participants to create and engage in various projects and activities themselves. The activities can be about music, theatre, film, language, cooking, handicraft, sports, art, outdoor life, excursions, etc. The idea of the activities is that through them we can highlight questions about democracy and participation, that the participation among our visitors increases, and that the residents of the area get opportunities to meet. The volunteers will also have the task of conducting outreach activities in school and neighbourhood.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for volunteers who are open minded and who enjoys socializing with young people. It is of great importance to have social abilities to motivate young people to engage themselves in different kinds of group activities and arrangements. You should be outgoing and positive and willing to for example hold workshops and theme evenings of various kind. We welcome own initiatives and ideas from the volunteers.

To be a volunteer in Fjället means that you will be a natural part of the staff and will have the role as a youth leader. The schedule requires both day and evening shifts.

Welcome to apply to our Solidarity corps project!

For more info check out;
Instagram kooperativetfjallet
Facebook Kooperativet Fjället
webpage www.fjallet.org


Joana Pinheiro
Eurodesk Sweden
The Swedish National Agency for Erasmus+ Youth in Action and the European Solidarity Corps
Liedbergsgatan 4, Box 206, 351 05 Växjö, Sweden