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Searching for long-term volunteers

Hello, everyone!

I am writing to you with regard to an ESC project "Go rural". We are looking for two long term volunteers to join our team in youth centres of Gulbene district, Latvia. 

Project "Go rural" aim is:
-to ensure that the youngsters and the inhabitants of the parishes are aware of the European dimension and the opportunities it offers;
-raising public awareness of the various initiatives and the importance of volunteering (local and European level);
-developing the capacity of the host and other organizations to host volunteers and to develop join activities with European volunteers.

Therefore, if you know any young people interested in a long term project with us and interested in the topic, or if you want to share the call, please do so. You would also be the sending organization for the volunteer. 

The deadline is ongoing, so the sooner potential volunteers apply, the better! We would be happy to find a volunteers till January, 2021.  

Let me know if you have any questions or if you need more information.

Looking forward to collaborating!


Lelde Vilka
Gulbenes district youth centre “Baze”
Project manager

+371 28653482
Brīvības iela 22, Gulbene, LV-4401

To reply to this group please send a message to eurodes...@eurodesk.eu