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2-month-long ESC Short-term volunteering in Bulgaria

We are contacting you in regards to our European Solidarity Corps project: European Skills and Competencies: https://activebulgariansociety.org/projects/esc-european-skills-and-competences-in-blagoevgrad-bulgaria

Here is a link where your youth can directly apply:

We are looking for 4 volunteers (from EU countries) for 4 periods for 2 months.

That means that if you have suitable and motivated young people interested in our opportunity, you can become our official partner and Sending/Supporting organisation.
-1st period starting 22.11.2020 to 21.01.2021
-2nd period starting 10.01.2021 to 10.03.2021
-3rd period starting 11.03.2021 to 11.05.2021
-4th period starting 12.05.2021 to 12.07.2021

Now we are looking for volunteers for the 1st and 2nd period.

Kind regards,

Kiril Spasov
Eurodesk Network & ESC Coordinator

ActiveBulgarianSociety team,
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