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Partners needed for project "Democracy in life - life in democracy"


I'm forwarding the message from Polish organisation Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Dzieci Oddział w Elblągu:

"We are looking for actors interested in:
- democracy activities,
- working in an international team,
- exchanging experiences in youth participation.

PROJECT AIM The project aims to create conditions at the local level to strengthen the social and civic competences of young people. First of all, they should be prepared to undertake activities aimed at building a civic society by implementing them in the creation and implementation of independent projects.

TARGET GROUP Young people in the age of 10 - 15 years old (Primary Schools) and youth workers.

PLANNED ACTIVITIES - partners meetings, - Study visits and workshops - cooperation with institutions operating in the field of youth education, - creation of the educational materials for institutions acting in the field youth, - exchange of good practice in the scope of youth participation.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION The project is a civic initiative to increase the social involvement of young people in the local environment. The idea arose in the context of improving the level of civic activity of young people, developing conscious participation in social life at the local level, our need to develop new, interesting ways for young people to engage in the process of democratization of life and while looking for partners to implement our ideas for local youth activities. The project is an opportunity for us to establish cooperation between various youth communities, it supports building relationships and mutual trust based on common goals. It focuses mainly on aspects such as: conscious participation of young people in the mechanisms of representative democracy and the development of young people's competences and civic skills by promoting imagination, creativity and innovation in their initiatives. The conduct and implementation of civic actions by youth for change and project activities will create situations for exchanging experiences, learning from each other and disseminating good practice in youth participation. Thanks to direct participation in our project, other young people will be able to get to know our local concept of youth participation in representative democracy at the local and international level. The support is addressed to young people with deficits in civic competences: students in grades IV-VIII from primary schools and (approx. 100 young people).

OUTCOMES - 5 course books on civic education; - 100 students included in the initiative, who will acquire knowledge about the tools of democracy, i.e. civic budget, etc. - 5 concepts of local initiatives created by the participants of the initiative - 20 teachers and youth workers involved in the initiative - 32 hours of meetings at schools - 2 youth debates - 2 spots promoting involvement in the local community."

Start: 1/4/2021
Deadline: 1/12/2020

Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Dzieci
Zarząd Oddziału Okręgowego w Elblągu
ul. 1 Maja 37
82-300 Elbląg

tel./fax - 55 2338210
e-mail - tpdzo@o2.pl

Web: http://www.tpdelblag.ehost.pl/index.php/home