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Partner search for "mobility in times of climate change" project

Dear colleagues, 

IJAB e.V. (including Eurodesk Germany) is looking for project partners for a new project. The topic is "mobility in times of climate change/sustainable learning mobility". You can find more information in the project outline attached. There are different opportunities/levels for cooperation (see document project partners). 

If you are interested in a cooperation please contact me until 15. February. You are also welcome to spread this partner search. Please mark in the document "project partner" which level of cooperation you are interested in. 

For a quick overview I send you the main objectives of the project: 

The project targets to support the organisations and providers of international youth work. How can activities of international youth mobility become more sustainable? What do young people expect of environmentally friendly mobility programs? How is the topic discussed at European and international level and which organisations are already experienced and interested in sustainable youth mobility?

Project aims are

  • to collect knowledge about good practice, projects and stakeholders in the field of sustainable learning mobility on international level,
  • to gain insights how to design international youth work projects bearing in mind questions of sustainability and protection of environment and
  • to develop recommendations for active organisations and stakeholders within international youth mobility both in practice and in policy making/agenda setting.
  • Young people play an important part in the project. Their main issues will be discussed in youth focus groups. An international youth survey will complete the picture.

Thanks a lot! 

Kind regards

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