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Searching for a European volunteer (European Solidarity Corps project)

Dear colleagues,

Hello from France, wishing you a Happy New Year 2021 and all the best for your projects this year!

We are the PIJ of Moulins (Point Information Jeunesse de Moulins). We are a French Youth Information Center managed by another organization (VILTAIS). We are based in the center of France, in the city of Moulins-sur-Allier. 

Our organization is looking for a young volunteer for a European Solidarity Corps project from the European Union countries who would be interested in taking part into our project and activities. The project is called 'A ESC in the PIJ!' and is aimed to promote international mobility and interculturality towards our young people. 

The project would ideally last 10 months and start in June 2021.

I have attached some documents to my email that are useful to understand the settlements of our project, our organization, our city…

Would it be possible for you to share it among your networks and ask young people if they are interested?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our email address: pij.m...@viltais.eu or via this email address. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you

Wishing you a very good day,

Best regards, 


Jihane F.
International Mobility - Point of contact