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Youth Exchange - Environment

We know that is very complicated to get a partner at this time, but we don´t lost our hope. We have a project about nature and enviromental care which is thought to begin in the last week of agoust. Our objective is to raise aware of the precarious situation of the World and climatic change, and the importance of the media in which human beings live.

We've designed a project which includes a visit to Doñana national park, a Seville and Cordoba visit, a gymnkana and many more. Participants are though to do some orientation activities, colaborative work and participate in interactive nights to learn more about Spanish culture as they improve their comunication skills. It's an amazing oportunity to meet new people and be independent as well.

We are six people in the group, three boys and thre grirls in ages between seventeen and eighteen years old. We are supported by the city hall and Eurodesk to organise the project.

We count on you.


Iter Naturae.


Centro Multiplicador Cualificado


Instituto Municipal de Dinamización Ciudadana Ayuntamiento de Mairena del Aljarafe Ciudad Aljarafe, Conjunto 16

41927 Sevilla

Tfn.- 954178931 / Fax.- 954764548