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Call for volunteering activities

Dear partners,
We are sending you a last minute offer for short & long term ESC placements.

6 Placements available !!!!!!
From leaders to ambassadors
Duration: 12.04.2021 to 09.06.2021 (59 days)
Country: Poland
Applications: EU- Countries Only, or candidates with EU residency
Places: total 12 (11 Internationals - 1 National placements available),
Where: Leszno 64-100 (between Wrocław/Poznań)
Age: 18-30
Deadline: 15-03-2021  


  1. Culture
  2. Citizenship and democratic participation
  3. Human rights

Short term goals of the project :

  • increasing the willingness of volunteers to take action and intervention on issues socially relevant,
  • increasing understanding of the needs of local communities,
  • increasing the number of social actions,
  • implementation of activities in the context of social revitalisation,
  • strengthening  other volunteering groups in our area.

Long-term goals:

  • development of the Leszno Volunteer Center, local activity and perception of volunteering,
  • in which volunteers and organisers want to act socially for the development of their city,
  • opening at Leszno Migrant Info an information point run by volunteers for foreigners coming to the Leszno region,
  • increasing the ability to correctly diagnose the needs of residents and creating an educational and cultural offer,
  • expansion of the contact network.


Volunteer Profile :

Skills in: Music. Singing. Dance & Athleticism. Design-Photography-Visualization. Juggling -Grafitti arts and Animators .

Interest in developing: Maintenance / Routine Tasks developer. Social Networking/ Ability to spot new Trends. High Energy. Teaching / Training


  • Europass - Language Passport,
  • Youthpass,
  • Europass - Mobility Certificate

A5: 12 April -09 June 2021

  • Let's Celebrate Common Europe  - 
  • 12 applicants will focus on preparing the "We celebrate common Europe" Happenings.
  • Make Local Outdoor actions to promote European Values:
  • Arrange activities for Youth in sense of be coordinating and set up small scale events (in style of Fun Fair). Includes arranging tents, decorations, handcarts and mini workshops, meditation activities and sharing culture via music happenings. Freedom of art expressiveness and theatre.
  • Volunteer will have the chance to develop own initiatives for workshops, besides will be able to collaborate with schools, kindergartens, youth associations to deliver the workshops.
  • Sport activities for youth to promote healthy life style. Youth work activity to be expected. 

SUPPORT By involving a common "Learning mentor” pedagogical degree MENTOR will work to impose management structures and sense of responsibility.

Volunteer receives: Pocket money 4EUR a day, Food allowance 14zl a day, Accommodation fully furnished, Health insurance, Reimbursement for travel tickets in and out of the project. Infopack attached.

In order to apply: 

  1. Please send CV to fundacja.cat@gmail.com / In the title put your NAME  and SURNAME, From Leaders to Ambassadors project
  2. Then you will get an invitation for skype (other Video Call might be available, ask for it)
  3. If you don't have SO please let us know, we can try to help. 

Visit alsohttps://europa.eu/youth/solidarity/placement/25881_en





Call for 2 long-term volunteers (8-12 months) 1 Vacancy: Social animator, 1 Vacancy for teaching languages & cultural animator

"What inspires new beginnings" Since there are tons and tons of opportunities available on ESC finding a volunteer project is pretty easy to do. The issue is finding an opportunity that fits your needs and interests. Some people want to work with animals while others want to paint a building, Newbie Project vision lays in empowerment & build capacity. Assisting communities to identify development goals, and ensuring that positive outcomes are maximised.

Project: What inspires new beginnings NEWBIE
Duration: 8 to 12 month, (start between 1-5 April 2021)
Country: Poland
Places: 2 international Volunteers (preferable male & female)
Where: Leszno 64-100 (between Wrocław/Poznań)
Age: 18-30

Deadline: 15.03.2021 [recruitment can be shortened if the right condition is found]


  1. Climate action, environment and nature protection
  2. Employability and entrepreneurship
  3. Community development



  • strengthening the potential of (voluntary) initiative groups in the region, ( "Akcja Reacja" / "PasJa"/ "Kafejka Językowa" ).
  • increase the knowledge of non-formal and outdoor education in the region and in the host organisations' activities 
  • maximize the effect of the activities via social media, act as ambassadors for good practices.
  • knowledge of native culture /traditions. Local practices.
  • teamwork development
  • foreigns language skills development


  • efficiency within which projects can be completed
  • development of the "Leszno's Volunteering Centre", local activity and perception of volunteering
  • capacity building
  • address ethical problems within the community
  • capacity building among international organisations
  • knowledge of the European Union, its strategies for educational development.
  • increase interest in solidarity actions in other countries
  • expanding views and attitudes towards difference in cultures and religions.


  • 1 Vacancies - Social worker / Youth worker

- active listener, able to use reflection as a method, understand emotional intelligence critical thinking, ability to find understanding with people regardless of language barriers.

-work together with local action groups for creating new initiatives; coaching, teaching the local community of better intentions,

-gathering statistics of migrational advantages/ disadvantages, 

- creating youth projects, 

- organisation of events, festivals, workshops for young people

  • 1 Vacancy - Language Teacher and Cultural Facilitator

Teaching Skills:

- show enthusiasm, ability to work with Young children, able to writing reports, create lesson plans. Imagination, Adaptability.

-work with schools and kindergarten, making cultural presentations, advertising culture, diversity and volunteering -making plans and learning lessons.

-taking care of the Language Cafe plan and schedule,

-making project visible


  • Europass Language Passport
  • Youthpass Certificate
  • Europass Certificate Supplement
  • Recommendation Letter

Date of activity: 01th April 2021 - 31th March 2022  (in exceptional cases dates can be flexible, you can stay shorter)

What is the European Solidarity Corps: Individual Volunteering projects? Check here!

SUPPORT By involving a common "Learning mentor” pedagogical degree and COACH will work to impose management structures and sense of responsibility.


Accommodation: volunteers share a flat with other volunteers, flats are fully equipped and close to local amenities. They are walking distance to the centre and office. Volunteers stay will be covered by ESC financing.
Food: Volunteer will get Pocket money (4 euro per day) and food allowance (400 PLN per month).
Transportation: Transportation to and from the project are reimbursed (at ESC limit set) after 2 months of the mobility (from home to Poland) and at the end of the mobility (from Poland to home). The volunteer is required to keep all original documents and in PDF formats when in electronic version. Visa: Foundation will provide assistance. Visa cost is reimbursable


We have a three-stage application process 

  1. Please send CV and ML/Motivational presentation to fundacja.cat@gmail.com - in the title put your name and surname + NEWBIE
  2. Then you will get an invitation for skype (other Video Call might be available, ask for it)
  3. If you have general questions email to marlena@fundacja-cat.pl, we can try to help. 

Visit also


Marlena Pujsza-Kunikowska
Prezes zarządu, koordynator projektów | Chairman of the board, project coordinator
T: +48665480656
W: http://fundacja-cat.pl
Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej
Siedziba: Lasocice, ul. Zachodnia 6, 64-100 Leszno
Biuro: ul. Więzienna 3, 64-100 Leszno
Regionalny Punkt Informacyjny Eurodesk Leszno