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European mobility for young Sicilians

Call for proposal Youth in Europe: The call for proposals aims to promote specific  actions which enable young Sicilians to experiment European mobility.

The  Network of Europe Direct Palermo research partner of the European network Europe Direct available  to host the young Sicilians to make known the activities of the Information Network of the EDIC The project will promote specific actions that enable young Sicilians to make European mobility ,want to promote international experience to European level among young people,  to encourage mobility as an element of growth and multicultural comparison, curricular enrichment work, to develop a spirit of solidarity which kinds of social relations without cultural prejudices and awareness of European citizenship.

Funded activities:

  1. a)   courses curricular enrichment of work in order to create opportunities to learn new skills to facilitate the employment of young people.

Subjects partners

EDIC, CDE and public bodies, and / or non-profit private entities Time activities:

The duration of the stage abroad at a Antenna Europe Direct will last 10 days : each network Europe Direct will host two or three young Sicilians .

  • The volunteers involved in the project will receive training on the activities carried out by a Europe Direct center, training on important European issues, participate in events organized by network , learn to navigating the European Union website: specific EU documents (legislation, publications, press releases etc.) factsheets, reports, statistics, working documents etc. on specific EU policies .
  • • The only eligible expenses paid by the project are those concerning to the mobility of volunteers: flight, accommodation and food transport.

Letter of intent :

The partner should send a letter of intent signed by the legal representative: the cooperation is free of charge , the deadline is May 31 2015 The projects will start not before October 2015 , but in any case you can arrange this with the partner .

Best regards from Simona Chines