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Partner Search for Erasmus+ Mobility of Young People / KA152 Project / May 2021

Dear Partners,

Have you ever thought what would happen if the world's natural balance changed?

Do you know what should human beings do to maintain this balance during the time in which the information technology develops on a fast pace.

We are believing in doing something matters for humanity and their precious home. We hope that small steps count a lot in our journey to make a big difference in the future.

"Take Your Place in Nature" calls either for those who has never touched the soil, watered a flower or eaten a fruit which was harvested by themselves, or the ones who has been living in nature.

"Take Your Place in Nature" is planned to run for 10 days. During the time we are hoping it to become a project which raises awareness about the health and environment by mentioning that people and the nature are together in a balance. Also it tends to enhance the sense of social responsibility among the youngsters by supporting the communications between different cultures.

If you are interested in the project, please contact us.

Contact for the project /// Mail: indplife@gmail.com

Best regards and have a nice week

Eurodesk İrtibat Kişisi
e-gençlik Derneği

Karaman Dernekler Yerleşkesi Tuna Caddesi
Fulya Sokak No:1/39 Nilüfer / BURSA
Tel: 0 554 424 25 35