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EVS in Switzerland

Dear colleagues,

As you might already know, EVS is still existing in Switzerland. It has not yet been replaced by the European Solidarity Corps. Therefore, it is still possible for young people from Europe to do an EVS in Switzerland and for Swiss young people to go to other countries to do an EVS as well. All costs incoming and outgoing are covered by the Swiss government.

Our partner organisation ICYE (EVS coordinating organisation) organises EVS incoming for september 2021 in Switzerland.

Their incoming organisation Sensorium, an interactive museum in Walkringen, is looking for an EVS volunteer from september 2021 on, for 12 months. Application is already open.

You can find all information attached to this email and also on their website : EVS placement in Switzerland & Europe with ICYE ∣ ICYEThanks for forwarding it to interested young people.

For any question, please contact directly: Sara Moreno - sara.moreno@icye.ch

All the best,

Gloria Arici
Eurodesk Switzerland
email: gloria.arici@eurodesk.eu
tel: 0041 21 601 84 01
address: c/o GLAJ-Vaud  - Avenue de Beaulieu 9
1004 Lausanne