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Social Entrepreneurship - KA210-YOU - Small-scale partnerships in youth

Dear partners,

Social entrepreneurship transforms young people from being an investment for the future, to actors who speak and take action today. Social enterprises, which have become as an important structure as non-governmental organizations in the participation of young people in the social process, are also important in terms of eliminating the limitations of volunteering.
Young people participate in volunteering activities intensively, especially during their school years, but with the imposition of a process referred to as "living conditions" upon their graduation, they move away from opportunities to contribute to the solution of the social problem they care about.

Each country represented in our consortium has specific tradition in youth work development and their promotion as a tool for sustainable employment of young people, which will add diverse perspectives on the framework for our programme to be developed.

For more information, please send us an e-mail.

Mail: bilgi@sorged.org

Halil UĞUZ
Eurodesk Temas Noktası Yasal Temsilcisi
Sorgun Gençlik Derneği (SORGED)

Çay Mahallesi 123. Sokak No:5/4
66700, Sorgun, Yozgat, Türkiye
Tel. +90 354 415 5821
Web: www.sorged.org