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Search Partner For K210 Project

Dear Future Partners, 

We are working on a project proposal within the scope of K210/ADU Cooperation Partnerships and Eurodesk+. Wtith our project, titled as "For Our Future", the good examples and implications regarding the education policies, institutions, curriculum for gifted children will be visited and examined, as well as the structures of non-governmental organizations, parent educations and training.
We are looking for partners for our planned project so that we can visit the partner countries in order to examine the education policies, institutions, curriculum, NGO structures, and parent educations of gifted children and gain information about all these aspects.
We expect support from our partners on visits that will be made with a committee which will be constituted of public officers, members of NGO's, academic staff and volunteers from Turkey.
The institutions that will be considered as partners are:
Education Institutions
Other Public Offices

For your partnership applications, please contact us with your institution information. 

Contact person: Samet Sahin
e-mail: sametsahin16@gmail.com


Eurodesk İrtibat Kişisi
Bursa Kent Konseyi Gençlik Meclisi
Santral Garaj Mahallesi Ulubatlı Hasan Bulvarı Merinos Atatürk Kongre Kültür Merkezi F-G blok Z.158
Osmangazi / BURSA
Tel: 0224 716 3640-83-99
444 16 00