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1 volunteer vacancy in Hungary

Dear colleagues,

Our organization is urgently looking for 1 volunteer from any EU country to join our international project in community radio in Hungary, Nyíregyháza starting as soon as possible at the latest on the  31st of May until 31st of March 2022.

Description of the opportunity:
The aim of the project is that the volunteers take an active part in the editing and broadcasting of the Mustár FM (89.6) local civilian radio, working in a team with the Hungarian youngsters (brainstorming, collecting information, editing, technical tasks, etc) and they have the opportunity to make their own regular radio program which presents the culture and language of the country they come from in their own language. Besides they have to record and edit 6 common programs called ETW (Experience the World-interviews with interesting people and stories), Point of View (about the EU actions), Free Topic (they have a free topic choice in this program), World Politics (about the worldwide political actions) Gossip show (where they speak about the glamour life) and Cultural Programme (discussing cultural topics, aspects). Besides making radio programs, they will also have a task, namely to provide language club lessons to the residents of the town in their own languages.

If you know anyone interested please let me know.

Attached you will find our info pack and here is the link to the opportunity: https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity/placement/25600_en

Thank you in advance,
Kind regards:
Rajmund Lukács
International Coordinator

Kulturális Életért Közhasznú Egyesület
4400 Nyíregyháza
Szent István utca 20.
+36 20 771 23 02