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Dialog among colours

Hey Frends;


Our main purpose is to exchange information among European Plastic Arts students and the young who are interested in this field with the help of communication and collaboration.

Mutual sharing of the information and experiences in the field of Plastic Arts and bringing Europe’s Contemporary Painting Art and Print Art together with our traditional Tile Art in the same project is going to be our project’s innovative aspect.

In this respect, in order to develop the young’s personal skills and techniques, and to enrich their imagination, three different workshops which are printmaking, tile, and painting are going to be our main areas of activity.

The Scope of the Activities;

Printmaking Workshop: The young who are aware of potato printing which they used to do when they were children is actually a branch of art in their culture are going to share the print art senses in their culture. It is also aimed at embodying experience sharing through exchanging works of art by taking advantage of the reproducible characteristic of print art.

Painting Workshop: We plan to help the young re-discover the historical and cultural places of Bursa with the help of the city tours and increase the memorability skill of them by observing the landscape during the tours and transferring their experiences into their drawing and painting activities in a short period of time. So, we also think that the young are going to gain awareness by interacting with each other.

Tile Workshop: We aim at introducing the tile art which is one of the traditional arts of Bursa and the history of Bursa, and revealing how the traditional arts are perceived by the people from foreign cultures and the effects of the traditional cultures on those people with the help of tile art.

We would like to create cooperation and collaboration among the cultures through the works of art that we are going to create. We plan to create an artistic spirit by performing works of traditional and modern arts all together and synthesizing the different viewpoints and cultures of the communities.

We are going to provide the project shareholders with the interaction which is manifested through the works art obtained through the performed print, tile, and painting workshops in the exhibition that we are going to hold at the end of our project.

Deadline 01.02.2015 Contact bursapsd@gmail.com


Yours Sincerely,



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