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We help to help

Type of activity: Contact Making Seminar

Programm: Erasmus+: Youth

Regional Volunteer Centre in Gdańsk, Poland, is looking for partners to Contact Making Seminar (CMS) project.

We are looking for partner organisations from other EU/EFTA countries. We expect that potential partner is a Volunteer Centre or is providing „job office for volunteers” (requied!).

Why CMS? Because we want to organise space for other organisations doing similar things as we do, to meet, share ideas, build contacts and find the way we can prepare common projects. We support plenty of volunteers – and all of them are ready to share their experiences and knowledge with similar volunteers from other countries.

About CMS

Programme: Erasmus+: Youth, Key Action 1 - Mobility for young people and youth workers Application deadline: 30.04.2015 CMS time and place: August 2015, Gdańsk, Poland - 3 days long seminar (excluding travel time)

Participants: Max. 2 people from every partner organisation

What do we need?

We are looking for Volunteer Centres, so short description of your organisation and activities is needed.

You need to be registered in URF (Unique Registration Facility) system, and have PIC (Personal Identification Code) number, or are able to register ASAP. The numbers are necessary for application process. Ask your National Agencies of Erasmus+ Programme for more details about registration.

Where: Gdańsk, Poland

When: August 2015

Deadline: 30/03/2015

Name of the organisation: Regional Volunteer Centre in Gdańsk Contact person: Karol Krzyczkowski

email: partners.gdansk@wolontariat.org.pl