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Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator

Dear potential partners,

Citizens in Power NGO in Cyprus ([Link] www.citizensinpower.org is looking for Partners for Youth Worker's Training and Networking~KA1 Project, titled Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator!

The project will take place between the 14-20 of December 2015, Nicosia, Cyprus.

The Organization is looking for partners/participants from 6 organizations from 6 different EU countries and EU partner countries.

There will be 2 participants from each organization.~

The participants should be older than 18 years old and youth workers who work with volunteers in their organizations.

Any additional info can be found online at [Link][ http://www.citizensinpower.org ]www.citizensinpower.org Also the description of the project can be found below.

For any other questions regarding the project please contact directly Mr Angelos Parmatzias by email at citizensinpower@outlook.com or telephone at

+357 96619661.

Please promote and share wisely.


Short Description

The society in this rough times is in urgent need of ‘’individuals who are able to take financial resources and convert them into changing the world in the most positive ways”.

The scope of ‘SEA’ training is to provide youth workers with an insight on social entrepreneurship, which could possibly operate as the main catalyst in inspiring young people to apply social entrepreneurship.

The main objectives of the project are set below:

-To inspire the next generation of social entrepreneurs.

-To identify the challenges of our time in order specific solutions and models for sustainable social organizations to be developed.

- To empower job seekers to become self-employed.

- To develop a networking amongst the new generation of social entrepreneurs of Europe.

- To create strong partnerships for future projects concerning social entrepreneurship.