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Youth science projects

Dear all!

An Estonian NGO is looking for project partners for youth science projects. The aim of the project is to show that science could be fun and interesting. They are looking for partners throughout the Europe. Since they have no partners so far, they probably would like to apply for the 1st of October deadline.

Please find more information from the attachment and i`ll add a short review of the NGO.

Interested parties, please contact: vaabelm@gmail.com


Short description:

Our organization started with a small project, where we wanted elementary school children to see, that science is not boring or difficult, but that it could also be really fun and fascinating. That is when we started performing shows and demonstrating cool experiments to them and it turned our really cool so we offered this to other schools aswell and it grew to an organization called "Teeme Keemiat" (Let`s Make Chemistry). We also introduced our organization in our old gymnasium two years ago and now we have gathered a team of people aged 16 to 20 working with us on science shows. As we introduce this to other people, we always tell them our main goal of doing this. We want to promote science and popularize it at a younger age. Since we are still learning and are all very curious about science, we would also like to see laboratories to learn about their equipment and how it works. Because as we work on our new project, there's alot of experimenting involved, visiting different laboratories gives us new ideas how to do intricate experiments under varied circumstances.


Best wishes

Evelin Koppel

Eurodesk coordinator Estonia