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Make-up removing - without a mask you feel more confident

Call for Partners

Erasmus+/ Action 1/ Contact making seminar

Project Title: Make-up removing - without a mask you feel more confident
... it is international seminar with the elements of training, the exchange of practical educational experience designed to establish contacts and concrete cooperation projects.

Target Group: 2 person form each organization, no age limit
Venue: Nowa Wieś/Wałbrzych - Poland
Date: 11. – 15. April 2016
Partners: We are looking for all Partners from all Countries
Project Summary: Make-up removing..... WE with EU discover themselves in order to establish a permanent and effective contacts. The aim of this seminar is to acquire and develop skills, open and firmly express their opinions, feelings and needs to others while respecting their rights.

Strengthening synergies and the transition between formal, non-formal education, vocational training, employment and entrepreneurship, increase capacity, attractiveness and international justice active organizations in the field of education. Training and working with youth so that they will be able to offer activities and programs that better meet their needs in Europe and beyond.

Hosting Organisation:
Stowarzyszenie Wspierania i Rozwoju Wsi „Ecoeurowies”
Nowa Wies 155
PL58-308 Wałbrzych (Polska)

If you are interested please send a short description of your Organisation and your experiences in the youth work to: Mariusz or Lukasz Bogdański - mbariusz@vp.pl or Magdalena Ignaszak magdalena@ignaszak.org
Please complete and return the scan of form (in attachment) and send your PIC number.
Deadline: 20.09.2015