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Lets Move - Sport Against Obesity

Dear Friends

Kecioren Municipality is a district municipality of Ankara.

Keçiören Municipality is one of the biggest and is certainly the most populated district municipality in Turkey. Our municipality provides many social services especially for women, children, the youth, the elderly, homeless people, people with disabilities etc.

We are preparing a project called “Lets Move, Sport Against Obesity” in the framework of Youth Programme - KA1 Youth Mobility for the 1st October 2015 application deadline.

The main aim of this project is to raise the awareness among young the vitality of exercise for their health and, motivate them in combating with the obesity and take the attention of the society to this subject.



Dates of the project: 15-21 May, 2015

Venue: Ankara - Turkey

Participation: 30 participants from 6 countries. 4 young and 1 group leader per country.

Countries: EU Programme Countries

Funding: Accommodation and lodging: 100% covered.

Deadline: 14 of September 2015

Contact Persons: Banu Niyazoğlu

Email:   banuniyazoglu@gmail.com


If you would like cooperate with us please fill, sing and send us attached documents.