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Piano di Zona

Dear colleagues of the EDIC relay,

We forward a project leader search request within the framework of Right, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020.

The Social services Agency of the Province of Lodi (Lombardy Region) is interested to get in touch with project leaders or with consortium in Europe in order to participate to the Daphne Call - Action grants to support transnational projects to combat sexual harrassment and sexual violence against women - JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/SEXV with deadline 13th october 2015.

The Agency (it represents 62 local municipalities) manages the strategic planning tool called "Piano di Zona" which aims to realize an integrated systems of measures and social services into Lodi area.

"Piano di Zona" has functions in the sector of the organization, coordination and assessment of educational and social services.

These duties are practiced through:

- system services and economic planning

- development of technical proposal to create social services network

- introduction of a social quality approach


The aim of the Agency is:

- to be involved in an international project in order to share its experiences and knowledge in managing social tools with partners;

- to develop actions to educate children (boys and girls), young people, men and/or women to prevent sexual harassment and/or sexual violence in these contexts by bringing about attitudinal and behavioural changes with regard to gender roles, stereotyping and sexualisation.

For more information about the Agancy and the strategic tool, please see the attached file.

Deadline of the project leader search: 25th September 2015

The project leader search is addressed to all private or public organizations which are already planning to present a project in the contest of this Daphne Call (Universities, Research Institutes, Public Authorities, third sector organizations as associations or cooperatives, etc..)

We ask you to be so kind to disseminate the partner search among your local and regional contacts.


For further information and contacts:

Donatella Barberis

Azienda speciale consortile del lodigiano per i servizi alla persona Piazza Mercato 5,

26900 Lodi (Italy)

Tel. +39 0371 409412

email: ufficiodipiano@comune.lodi.it