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Cooperation Small Scale cooperation projects

Dear collegues,
we ask you to spread urgently this partner search. Municipality of Acireale is looking for european partners for Creative Europe project with deadline 7 october 2015. Details of the idea and contacts herebelow.
Thank you for you help!!

Alessandra Bellardone
Europe Direct Vercelli
+39 0161 596393


Creative Europe Programme - Cooperation Small Scale cooperation projects

Organize Light: Art and Creativity Festival, a festival of art and technology: technological tools used and tested in productions of theater-dance-music-installations

We currently have

Lead agency town of Acireale (CT)
Partner Academy of Performing Arts ODE''s Fund (Acireale - CT) (dance-production Light Show)
Centre for Research and Experimentation metacultural Rome (music and dance)

Municipality of Vercelli
So we would need foreign partners (at least two) dealing with theater and installations
Which would be specifically their tasks: each partner country should select
• a group of ten to twenty students, aged 16 to 28 who participate in the workshops in the three-day festival in Sicily (the period May or period of school trips) (high school-college students to raise awareness of youth and the public sector
• Two semi-professionals (each country for its category) (students of academies or who is conducting a path for a leap to professional) who want to make a comparison of experience and guidance with professionals abroad and get a stage on which to perform . Will open the first evening performance of the professionals and one for each category will be selected to be hosted in other countries and perform with their production
• a professional artist of his country to undertake the following tasks-conference orientation lavorativo- a workshop on the subject of his three days with its final performance of a few minutes - finally will perform with his performance in one of the three evenings. (A theme evening for all disciplines -theatre dance music -for installations there will be a dedicated path)
• all foreign countries involved will host the award-winning productions (one for each category - and the exposure of the installation selected) and the production of Italian and foreign professional artists who participated in the festival
- Time commitment the first year the festival will be organized in Sicily - the second year will be organized the tour for the winning artists and professional artists who participated in the festival (Italian and foreign)

The town of Vercelli could host the first leg of tour

Financial commitment to support: cost for the construction of the entire project was estimated at around € 200,000.00 (two hundred thousand), funded at 60%, with European funds.

The 40% divided between the partners. Keep in mind that sharing can be recognized in human and material resources.

Fees provided for professional artists - travel expenses and lodging

  1. e expect the participation from 6 to 8 partner and therefore the collaboration in will come € 13,000 to € 10,000 each.

Contacts: Accademia di Arti Sceniche ODE'-Onlus

pres. Dott.ssa Rosaria Fallico

mail: odecanto@libero.it

cell. 00393348339123