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Partner Search from Italian Organization

Dear Colleague,

I'm very glad to introduce myself: my name is Serena Venturella and I’m European Projects Consultant. I’m writing from Italy on behalf of a Service Company of Sicily (Catania), called Civita Srl, specialized in Adult Education field and Research activities.

Civita has an important experience in these fields, it is in contact with more 400 companies in Sicily and collaborates also with Public Authorities, Schools and Universities. 

Civita acts in specific sectors as Agriculture, Food Industry, Tourism, Health, ICT, and it has the accreditation to act for the Training in the Health Sector and Safety at Work Sector.

Regarding the management of the European projects, Civita collaborates as Partner, developing activities of learning, mobility, hosting, management consultancy and sharing of best practices.

Civita is open to join in partnership, as Partner, with VET Centres, Schools, Universities, Centres of Adult Education, NGO, Education Agencies, Local/Regional Authorities and other public and private Organizations wishing to find an Italian Partner to collaborate, share experiences and learn from each other and to build up new paths for education improvement.

In order to find the Applicant Organizations, we would ask if is possible for you sending our “Proposal of Partnership” (pdf file “Partnership from Italy_CIVITA” in attachment) to your local contacts or publish it in your search database online.

The potential Applicants interested to collaborate with Civita, can contact me sending an e-mail to serena.venturella@gmail.com.

For more information about Civita I would to invite you to visit the profile published on https://ec.europa.eu/epale/en/organisations/civita-srl or the website www.civitasrl.it.

Civita has a PIC Code and it is registered in the Participant Portal.


I’m at your disposal for further information. 

Thank you in advance for your time and for you collaboration



Serena Venturella

European Projects Consultant