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Fame of Roma Youth

Dear Friends

Roma Youth Association in Turkey, is going to apply for youth exchange project for 1st Feburary 2016 and looking for Roma organizations who would like to be partners.

You can find the project down below and if you are interested in the project, please fullfil the attached documents and send us as soon as possible:).


Main Idea:

Inherit: The project will identify and emphasize the succes stories of Roma people who are driven in the society despite the fact that their negative living conditions and can be good role models for all young people. The project will promote and disseminate these success stories among Roma and non-Roma young people. To identify and emphasize these succes stories and role models will motive and inspire the young Roma people and give them hope for their future to invest themselves and also will decrease the prejudieces of young non-Roma people towards Roma youth.

During the project these success stories and richness of cultural heritage of Roma people will be recorded by visual media tools and all these materials will be turn into a short documantary by the contribution of Trakya University- Electronic and Automation Department, students and academicians of Radio and Television Department and also the young participants of the project. This short documantary will give chance to young non-Roma people to observe and understand the cultural heritage of Roma people closely and on the other hand it will help to change the negative image of Roma people among the young non-Roma people.

Aim: Long term aim of the project is, to establish intercultural dialogue and intercultural learning between Roma and non-Roma young people and to decrease the negative attitudes towards Roma people such as racism, xenophoia and discrimination.

Further Information: So according to this aim and vision, it is expected from the participants before the main activity,~ to prepare a visiual documents including interviews, photographs, videos about the Roma people in their country, based on success stories, role models and cultural heritage of Roma people. Later on during the youth exchange which is going to be organized in Edirne-Turkey as 6-7 days long, participants will present their documented materials. Also during the exchange, the participants will be asked to document the Roma people living in Edirne-Turkey in a collaborative way. Later on, all these documented materials, with the support of the media experts will be edited and turn into a short video documantary. In the project, it is expected to have 4-5 participants between age of 18-30 from each partner organization. The number of the participants could vary according to the number of the partners who would like to take part in the project. The youth exchange will take 6-7 days long and will organized during summar at Edirne-Turkey.

Target Group: Young Romans and non-Romans between the age of 18-30 Where and When: Edirne-Turkey, During Summer 2016 (the dates will be clarified right after the project approval) To be Partner: If you would like to be partner for our project, please fill the mandate and partner organziation details form on attach and send us latest 25 January 2016 We hope to cooperate with you.

Thank you very much


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