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ART-laboratory, the space for the young

Polish Youth Association ARTwarium and Cultural Center in Wieruszów is looking for a culture project partner.

The offer is addressed to non-governmental organisations, educational institutions, cultural centers, local government institutions, and young people between the ages 14 and 26.

The final deadline to submit the application is 2 February 2016 or 26 April 2016.

Among media partners of the project are: Polish Radio London, BRALIN FM, Na OPAK TV The main objective of the project is to increase the engagement of the participants in cultural and artistic activities, by shaping a new way of the functioning of grassroots initiatives, which engage a variety of institutions and persons. It is based on the functioning of the youth internet radio network and web TV (the area of so-called ‘new media’) and shaping the activity and influence of particular concepts of non-formal education (youth participation) in its area. The project will consist of three components. The first element will comprise the string of music workshops – a peculiar music faculty created by young people for young people, as well as an interactive live concert broadcasted online; it will conclude this stage of the project (this stage is performed concurrently in the partner countries). The second element will include the work on the music-themed location-based game and the grand finale of the project (it includes work within the exchange in form of educational and training trip). The third element will involve the functioning of the internet radio network called BRALIN FM, web TV and the organisation of journalism and media workshops within the radio activity. The workshops will also include the production of the radio play (it includes work at the host location as well as in partner countries).


By editing the radio play, the youngest intervening participants of the project will be given the opportunity to perceive educational issues in an attractive way. Obtained material will be distributed to educational institutions, culture centres and non-governmental organisations in our region and region of our partner. The organisation of the location-based game on the municipal territory will be the concluding point of the project. It will be the form of entertainment in which the space and its multiple contexts constitute the vital element. It will combine the elements of hare and hounds, flash mobs, street happenings, RPG and computer games. The game will be based on the original idea of the project participants – children and the youth. The aim of the game will be to raise awareness of existing possibilities and opportunities of artistic development among the participants. Having in mind that a group of young people will take part in various classes, we came up with the idea to create culture centre – a place for young which they can call their own.

It would be a place where young people could work creatively and present their child’s and youth artistic groups. Our association wants to give interesting bands the opportunity to share their music with others. Only with the use of new information channels it is possible to effectively engage children and youth in culture, equally giving them the same opportunities they would have been given in big culture centres.

Radio theatre is a project connected with radio plays based on the theatrical scripts and produced with the help of the workshops’

participants and young journalists from the local internet radio network.

Radio play, that is a radio drama, is a basic artistic, literary form created solely with phonic components: human voice, acoustic effects and music. The radio play will be recorded in a radio studio by a team of people consisting of a director, actors, sound producer, and a songwriter (if needed).

The competences and skills young people will acquire include:

- radio editing,

- preparing news materials, working on complex subjects, preparing news service reports on cultural life,

- working with microphone,

- use of radio and television equipment,

- work in a production team,

- ability to use the language of radio and television,

- writing radio scripts,

- making news and journalistic radio programmes,

- preparing radio reports in a given subject area,

- working in an emission and recording studio,

- stress management and work under time pressure,

- analytical thinking, synthetic utterance, sound operating,

- making contact with people, discussing, asking questions,

- using all available sources of journalist information.


Detailed objectives of the project:

  1. Raise of self-esteem and feeling of belonging to a social group; promoting the value of cultural and artistic life (by building up faith in one and one’s potential and capabilities as well as pointing valuable ideals).
  2. Increase of active actions which will be a starting point to create an environment, constituting a place for the formation of original artistic activities; encouraging young people to engage in various initiatives by participating in music classes, journalism and media classes, location-based games, as well as making the use of the experience of instructors and widely available creative space.
  3. Diminishing negative attitudes among children and youth by eradicating detrimental stereotypes and teaching positive behaviour; thanks to that, the participants will feel noticed, needed, important and they will break free from the feeling of isolation, solitude, rejection; they will learn how to make use of each other’s experiences (equalising developmental deficit within emotional and social spheres).
  4. Increase of creative attitude among children and youth by the improvement of the following skills: communication, musical, journalist, camera operation, and other.

Presupposed results of the project:

  • increasing the level of knowledge of young musicians on the process of creating songs and band promoting, improving musical skills of youth bands and vocalists living in the local area and participating in workshops • diminishing social differences between various participants and preventing pathological behaviour and social exclusion • stimulating creative attitudes among children and youth, improving communication skills, developing musical and other talents, group integration, raise of self-esteem; the classes will teach young people how to work in a group and will make public appearances less stressful • shaping attitudes which will strengthen the pursuit of active cultural and artistic lifestyle; teaching how to recognize, name and express emotions; enabling the release of emotions will make the participant sensitive to the beauty of art and music.


when: Between: August 1st, 2016 and December 31st, 2016; Exchange - 10 days; Project duration: 3-4 months

where: Wieruszów county; Bralin, Kępno county; POLAND Contact person:Dawid Kosakiewicz

email: dyrektor@wdkwieruszow.pl