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Transnational projects to prevent and combat forms of intolerance


We're writing you because we are going to make up a project to support transnational projects to prevent and combat racism, xenophobia, homophobia and other forms of intolerance. http://ec.europa.eu/justice/grants1/calls/2015_action_grants/just_2015_rrac_ag_en.htm (deadline is on 18 feb. 2016). This project was born from a recall of European Commission. .

Unfortunately the events of the last few months have proved, beyond doubt, that Europe has a serious problem with racism. The discrimination and intolerance are very popular among young students and declared thought the web. We believe that schools are a crucial arena for combating racism and prejudice especially as there is some evidence that children/ young can show prejudice and discrimination at an early age. For all these reasons we think that the project should be dedicated to helping youth become more informed and actively involved in order to move towards an equality and sustainable society. We strongly believe in the ability of youth to affect change in the world.

Our proposals are:

- Work with school and communities officials and law enforcement to establish a plan for responding promptly to hate crimes and intolerance incidents.

- Establish clear procedures for reporting hate-motivated incidents/crimes, and disseminate the information community-wide.

- Educating community and school staff on how to recognize hate-motivated incidents.

- Training course (no formal education) with school and community counsellors to assist victims of hate-motivated incidents.

- Provide referral to community organizations which offer counsel and support services in these situations.

- Creation a website to share video/stories and to inform about no hate speech

- Training course to realize a video/tape with students of high school to show during a local festival about human rights in Naples.

May you help us to find a partner in this project? Do you want to join it?

Do you know others center, Ong or ass. interested to participate? We will contact Lgbt NGO also. We are looking forward to your email,

Please contact:
Roberta Capone

Best Regards,

Centro Locale Eurodesk del Comune di Giugliano in Campania
Via Aniello Palumbo, 2
80014 Giugliano in Campania