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Actions in the area of Integration

Dear colleagues of the EDIC relay,

We forward a project leader's search request within the framework of Asylum Migration and integration Fund 2014-2020 (AMIF).

The organization "Associazione Centro Orientamento Educativo - COE"

located in Lecco (Lombardy Region - Italy) is looking for a project leader in order to participate to the Call on Action in the Area of integration (HOME/2015/AMIF/AG/INTE) with deadline 29th February 2016.

In Italy, COE is working on: Global Citizenship Education, training, refugees? welcome, Servizio Civile, European Voluntary Service, organization of African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival.

Abroad: project on training and education, arts and culture, healthcare, rural and social development in Cameroun, D.R. Congo, Guatemala and Bangladesh.

General objective of the project, in which the Association would like to be involved, should be to facilitate the access to work and foster integration in the workplace.

The search is addressed to project leaders with expertise in the field of integration of migrants in workplaces and located in all Member States participating in the AMIF.

Deadline of the project leader's search: 20th February

We ask you to be so kind to disseminate the request among your local and regional contacts (local authorities, associations, ong, people that ensure a level playing field).

For further information and contacts:

Clara Carluzzo
Associazione Centro Orientamento Educativo - COE
Via Giuseppina Lazzaroni 8
20124 Milano
e-mail: c.carluzzo@coeweb.org