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School Partnership about integration between history, tourism and culture

Dear colleques,

We need partners which are high schools for our Erasmus + KA2 project. Our project will take place in Alanya / ANTALYA in TURKEY with meetings, mobilities in partner countries during 2 years. The project is about integration between history,tourism and culture. ( Age 14-18.)

As for our project , we have been planning to make mosaic work reflecting the history of our unique Alanya on the outer walls of the school facing the street. Similarly, we are going to allocate parts for the schools which we are going to collaborate with to make mosaic work narrating their own history. In the same way we would like to make mosaic work narrating the history of Alanya on the walls of the partner schools'.For that reason, it is important for us that the schools which will become our partners should be in the heart of the city and in a historical place .Especially if we have a common history and sharings in the past , our project will be more meaningfull. Our purpose is to share and combine our histories and cultures.We believe that introducing our countries and histories will make contribution to education,tourism,advertising of countries and cultural interaction. If you have the same purpose and thought or any other ideas to improve our project we would like to collaborate with you.

You can find information about our school in the attachment.

If you want to be a partner for our project please contact: seldakizil07@mynet.com / esenesen07@hotmail.com



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