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Dear all,

The Culture Centre KCK in Kostrzyn nad Odrą (Poland) is looking for partners from abroad. Please read through if interested:

Conatact person:
Banasiewicz Marta: banasiewicz@kostrzyn.um.gov.pl
Justyna Cieciura: j.cieciura@wp.pl


“Camera- Action- Region”

Project description:

The project is to deal with a lack of participation of the youth in cultural life of the town through varied cultural town offers. The task is to conduct some film, photo and journalist workshops within the school year and summer break with the goal to activate youth and encourage them to participate in a cultural town life. It is also important to know the needs of participants and inspire them to create through workshops led by people with passion and inspiration having access to new tools such as new media enabling at the same participation in cultural activities of the town together with creating own initiatives. The results of the project are to be varied thematic courses thanks to which 45 people will get the access to basic knowledge and shall develop varied skills.

Main idea:

“Camera- Action- Region” is a project on cultural education focused on film, photography and journalism. It is at the same time result of passive attitudes of the youth towards town culture life. The project participants shall make use of their own ideas developed during free of charge workshops while having access to cultural events of the town.

Every three months the workshop groups shall change the instructors and every course will result in partner meeting and experience exchange. In the summer time there are also plain air excursions, courses and exchange planned within the framework of the project.


Marta Banasiewicz & Katarzyna Malinowska Kostrzyn EuroDesk ul. Graniczna 2

66-470 Kostrzyn nad Odrą

+48 95 727 81 23