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Dear colleagues,

Here is a partner search for a training course called “Experientiality -Experiential learning as a source for self-reflection and youth participation"

If you or other organisations are interested, please contact the organisers directly.


Best regards.



In 2017 Participaction from France, will organise a training course entitled: “Experientiality -Experiential learning as a source for self-reflection and youth participation. The trainers will be Bogdan Imre from Participation (France) and Dominique Verschuren from Connected Elephant (Belgium). The TC will take place in Saint-Denis-d’Anjou, Mayenne, France, 19-26 February 2017, and will involve 3 participants from

8 different European Union member and partner countries (totally max. 24 participants). Participaction will apply for the TC under Key Action 1 with the 26/4/2016 deadline.

Are you interested in being our partner in this project?

In the attachment you find the Partnership Mandate and the Partner Identification Form. We kindly ask you to fill out and sign the Mandate, fill out the Identification Form for your organisation and send them back to us before the 10th of April. 

You can send it to: contact@bogdanimre.eu


Bogdan and Dominique