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International and culture exchange



This Project has been organised by a Cultural Society of young people from a little town called El Torviscal, situated in the province of Badajoz (Extremadura, south-west of Spain).

The main aim of the Project is to promote our own culture, that is, to show things only we have, and to interact with other cultures, for many

reasons: getting to know them, mixing them –if possible- and living them in a closer way. Like that people from several cultures can have better relationships.

We would like to show four main fields of our culture: COOKERY, MUSIC, HISTORY AND ENVIRONMENT.

To do so, we will organise activities, routes, tours, events, etc. which will make our participants see up close those incredible characteristics above mentioned.

In general terms, these would be our objectives but as it is supposed to be an exchange, we would like to travel to their countries too. Here we have what they could organise.

Our international partners should give us the opportunity to have a general overview of the previous mentioned topics related to their own cultures and countries. Let´s give an example to make it clearer:

Let´s imagine that one day they show us the typical folklore and music of their country. Among the activities they suggest, all participants will be able to show the typical folklore and music of their own countries too, as an interchange, as feedback. Obviously, when talking about cookery and music these activities would be easier.

People who are interested in the project will receive a detailed programme and should send us their programme too.

Participants must be between 18-26 years old and the project would last one week for everybody –coming to Spain or travelling to other countries.

When travelling, there must be between 8 and 10 people.

The dates are as follows:

Coming to El Torviscal (Spain): from 24th to 30th of October.

Spanish people travelling abroad: from 6th to 11th of December.

As for costs, we will separate them in OUTER EXCHANGE (Spanish people travelling abroad) and INNER EXCHANGE (international people coming to Spain):

Outer Exchange

The Cultural Society will ONLY cover costs of the journey, up to the arrival at the airport of the country. The rest, such as activities, food, tickets, etc. would be paid by the host participants.

Inner Exchange

When participants coming to Spain all expenses (100%) would be paid by the Cultural Society, except the costs of the journey to the airport, which will be covered 50% by the Society.

When international participants arrive at the Spanish airport, they will be given a video camera, in order to film the whole exchange in our country. That film will be published in several webpages, social networks and maybe in a TV channel, so that we can promote our town, land and people.

Spanish participants will also make a film which can be given to our international guests as a good promotion of their own countries.

For the good behaviour of all participants, they will have to sign some authorizations in which basic rules are perfectly clear.

So, if you want to have a great experience in Spain, in a good little town, surrounded by kind and nice people, please, contact us as soon as you can to work hard on it. THANK YOU!


CONTACT PERSON: acedotorviscal@hotmail.es