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Time for Challenge

Dear all!

Please disseminate our call to find volunteers for Hiiumaa Youthwork Center.

Hiiumaa Youthwork Center is searching for an active, initiative and courageous EVS volunteer who would carry out different activities for youngsters (mostly 7-15) and who could enrich and diversify a small community. We • expect a volunteer, who has skills and will to involve both, boys and girls, in activities and contrive different activities. The mission of the volunteer is to help youngsters to use their spare time usefully, while being next to them and supervise them. The volunteer will attract them in different activities.


Expectations to the volunteer:

  • will carry out language/culture course in his/hers mother tongue and socialize with youngsters in English to develop youngster's and volunteer's foreign language skills.
  • will instruct the activities (x-box and wii games, boarding games, billiard, workshops etc) of the youth centre and play with youngsters daily.
  • will help to promote healthy lifestyle.
  • will organize and carry out events and workshops.


Volunteer will have activities occasionally outside the youth house too for example in local schools.


Volunteer will:

  • learn and practice languages,
  • gain experience in a work with youngsters,
  • learn organisational knowledge,
  • experience a leader role,
  • learn to work in a team,
  • find contacts and partners for the rest of the life.


If you are ready to take the challenge to live in a very small and peaceful community in Estonia, work with youngsters and want to learn about the work with youth, then you should send your cv and motivation letter by April 11th to kaidi.ojasoo@hiiuvald.ee.