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Breaking Stereotypes

Dear Partners,

We are planning to apply for an Erasmus+ youth exchange in the next deadline, 26th April. The title of the project is 'Breaking Stereotypes'. Planned date and place: October, 2016, Budapest, Hungary.

Expected countries: 3 more EU Programme countries (We already have partners from RO and PL).

Age of participants: 16-25

Our aim is to launch an integrated community-building activity helped by the participation of the involved disabled and non-disabled young people in order to help them in developing a constant activity against stereotypes and over helping and help them to introduce their real needs in their own local communities.

The project allows the people involved to acquire knowledge about disability in international level, concrete formulation of their own objectives and the required activities to achieve them. The program is aimed to develop skills and competences that can help the disabled and non-disabled people to develop creative awareness activities.

For further info please read the attached call.

If you are interested in the topic and have experience with disabled youngsters, please send your PIF and the signed, stamped and scanned mandate (attached) until 16/04/2016.

We are looking forward to hearing about you.



Horváth Lilla
Project Assistant; Eurodesk Coordinator
Együttható Egyesület / Association Co-efficient
H-1046 Budapest, Klauzál u. 4.
+36 30 465 04 88