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MOOC - Minorities as opportunity and occasion for chrysalis

Ka2 Innovation Project Proposal
MOOC - Minorities as opportunity and occasion for chrysalis

Dear friends,

InformaGiovani will submit a project proposal at the next deadline of Ka2 under Erasmus plus and we are looking for partners FROM ERASMUS PLUS PROGRAMME COUNTRIES AND FROM NON EU COUNTRIES.

Rationale of the project

Consistent migration flow toward Europe are challenging all European and National societies with new intercultural challenges.
An example of such challenges is the fact that in the new Erasmus+ guide, it is mentioned the need to prepare teachers to work with and in intercultural classes.
But the need of intercultural approaches and interculturally oriented working methodologies affects not only the educational system. All sectors of European society are and will be always more affected by such a need. What about youth workers, doctors, lawyers, social workers, law enforcement officers?
At the same time every day and watching the news from different sides of Europe (migrants shot by Police in Macedonia, Austria building a wall at the border with Italy, etc) it is always more evident that a deep cultural work is to be done, in order to avoid that Europe become always more a fortress leaded by racist and violent policies.
The problem we see is related not only to migrants and intercultural-ethnic reality of Europe, but to the development of "fear of difference" and "refusal of difference" raising in different context in Europe.
This could be applied to the raising of Islamophobia and antisemitism in different countries, to the never ended racism and violence against Roma, to the refusal of recognizing cultural minorities of any kind.

Aim of the project

Final aim of the project is to develop some training material that can facilitate preparation of different professionals on dealing with intercultural issues in different context.
We want develop such a material with the characteristic of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) gathering together materials from different sources (video, books, training material) and to be made available for different kind of workers.

If you are interested in the project, please read the attached document and express your interest

BY THE END OF 20TH OF APRIL by following the reported instructions.

For further information, please write to p.galluccio@informa-giovani.org