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Cultural awareness among the youth

Our main goal in this project is to create a cultural awareness among the youth and make them notice the differences between the cultures other than their own via using non-formal education methods.

We all live in a world that holds thosands of tongues, religions and cultures. So project will give a chance to the youth coming from different cultural backgrounds to find a common ground by emphasizing the aspects of humanity. Thereby, we intend to train the cultural ambassadors of tomarrow’s world who are going to work on building the common culture of future by arousing interest on youth.

Techniques of Non – Formal Education

In our project, a contact meeting on topics of Erasmus + and youthpass; a ball game for networking activity, “Tree of Expectation” practice for getting to know the requests, anxiety and expectations of [Marker]the participants are going to be organised. Related to leadership and guidance; practices for communicating with visually handicapped, adaptation and coordination, family relations, cooperation and confidence will be used considering the applications in non formal education.

Besides, some cultural activities will be organised at world’s second largest canyon and glass terrace where history, nature and culture embrace each other. 

The Purpose of the Association

The purpose of our association is to create a youth who will serve for the community’s living in peace, growing up with the awareness of national and moral values; contribute people’s being physically and emotionally healthy; be conscious in respecting others, defending the state’s integrity and have universal and moral values.

Usak Ulubey Youth Association, Turkey

Contact: mustafase@kisladag.com




Proje Koordinatörü (Eurodesk irtibat kişisi) UŞAK VALİLİĞİ AB ve DIŞ İLİŞKİLER KOORDİNASYON MERKEZİ Add.:Uşak
Tel: +90 276 224  59 18
Fax: +90 276 223 54 74
E-Mail: bilgekavak@gmail.com