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Strategic Partnerships School Education

The project aims to eliminate the factors that threaten the students’ who are the victims of bullying, school performance, peer relationships, their physical and mental health, their security and to create such a peaceful and effective school environment comprising mutual respect and empathy. In accordance with the principle "There is no individual to be sacrificed in Education" each student deserves support. This project has been created in order to contribute to the development of supportive educational environment for the students to make them free from anxiety and fear, and support students' social, emotional and academic development. This is a common need for our schools and our regions. To develop practices for school and classroom experience, to share best practices and experience, to adapt them to our locals are among the objectives of the Project.

To accomplish these goals, there will be music, sports and outdoor activities, informational meetings, trips and visits based on development of empathy, communication and respect. All the acitivites will be built on teamwork, solidarity and cooperation.

Our schools will be positively affected with the project primarily in the context of school and classroom practices then with the dissemination activities this effect will be spreaded to the locals and the other beneficiaries.

The Project will also contribute to the students and to school staff as part of respect, emphaty, solidarity, cooperation, communication, team work and increased the school success. With the help of the mobilites, there will be cultural interaction among the participants and they will have the chance to improve the competence of speaking a foreign language.

Project results and outcomes will be disseminated with, informatory meetings, web site publications, social media sharings, leaflets and local newspaper articles. Results and outcomes will integrated to the schools’ development and strategic plans as the best practices.


Contact: sulegungor@gmail.com Ankara,Turkey



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