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Fight against cancer by an innovative performing training system


ANT Italia Foundation  is one of the leading private non-profit organizations working in Italy in the field of palliative care and pain management. ANT provides free social-health assistance at home to cancer sufferers and, depending on the resources available in the local area, runs free of charge cancer prevention initiatives.

ANT’s philosophy can be summed up by the term “Eubiosia” (from the Greek “good life”), meaning overall quality to guarantee a dignified life right up until one's last breath.

The foundation, with its Head Office in Bologna, operates nationwide, through over 120 local groups, known as ANT Delegations, which are responsible for coordinating fundraising at local level.

They are looking for partners for the project "A STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP to fight against cancer by an innovative performing training system"; the strategic partnership, this project wants to achieve between organizations committed to same field, aims to support the development, transfer and the implementation of innovative practices, as well as the implementation of join activities and promotion of peer learning and exchanges of experience at a European level. (more details in the attached file)


This partner search is addressed to:

- private organizations working in the field of in-home assistance for patients affected by chronic diseases

- with legal residence in a EU Country

- with a team of professionals (doctors and nurses)



ANT Italia Foundation

36, Jacopo di Paolo Street Bologna (Italy) Roberta Lama - roberta.lama@ant.it Cristina Contini, Project Manager: cristina.contini@ant.it


Thank you very much!


Best regards





Piazza Municipio, 23 - 44121 Ferrara

tel. 0532/419590; fax 0532/419490


Referente: Rita Vita Finzi