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Find you talent


we are looking for partners for youth exchange project.



For young people growing great ideas

The Main Project Goal: Encouraging the entrepreneurship among young people in the field of arts through using the innovative methods.

Target group: youth aged from 18 to 29 years old


1.Art Workshop on wood carving

2.Art Workshop on furriery

3.Recycling Art Workshop

4.Ceramics Art Workshop

5.Workshop in Entrepreneurship

6.Meeting with the good Business Samples 7.Preparation of a business plan for an own Art Atelier


The project idea is directed to encouraging the entrepreneurship among young people in the field of arts. The youngsters will be introduced with different arts and crafts and ways for future job’s realization. Through various art workshops the young people will become acquainted closer the traditional crafts and arts, as well as with the good samples in different spheres and the ways for job’s realization. They will be trained in development of a successful business plan and ways for its implementation.

Number of participants: 5 groups x 10 young people + 2 leaders

Activities are taking place in April 2017 in the town of Lovech, Bulgaria.

If you are interested in the Partnership, please send information about your organisation to: aneliaatanasova92@gmail.com Deadline for recruiting partners: 20th July,2016


Contact Date:

“Ecomission 21st Century” association
1 Georgi Benkovski Str, Youth Centre
5500 Lovech, Bulgaria
e-mail: office@ecomission21.com
office phone: +35968603834