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Knowledge, Education, Development

Dear Partners :)

I wanted to mail you, because, actually, I am supporting Regional
Ambulance Service Station in Katowice and I try to find for them a partner
from abroad for job shadowing study visit. 

All detailed information I am sending you as attachement to this e-mail.

I would be grateful for the contact to any potential partner for this
project. It can be  professional fire brigade from your town, Red Cross,
First Aid / Ambulance Service Station or municipality
(In each municipality office there is a department responsible for "crisis
situation", I mean flood, fire, protection of population in case of this
crisis situation..). NGOs dealing with health care or health education of
course too.

Thank you very much!

That, what we need, is scan of letter of intent, as a confirmation, that
the institution is ready to host us for the job shadowing visit. As I
wrote in the draft project, there is no need to involve money from the
side of hosting institution. We will cover all expences. The most imporant
thing is the place, institution, where we can have our job shadowing for
one week.

We dont have much time, all documentation should be ready till the 20
Let me know please as soon as possible. I would be really for your help.
It could be a good opportunity for future cooperation as well.
I am sure, you could help me with that.  I hope, you could help us to
recommend and find a partner.

It is very, very imporant for me, so I hope for good news from you.

We need 4 partners, so if you know more than just one future partner from
your or other town, I would be very grateful.

The rules of the meeting are still the same - no money involvement from
the side of hosting organization, we will pay for everything (the money is
guaranteed in the Ministry), the question is if we could spend some time
in the institution as a job shadowing study visit.

Thank you for understanding and I really hope for a good cooperation. 

Best greetings from Poland,
Mariusz Dyduch

Eurodesk Bedzin
Starostwo Powiatowe w Bedzinie / Bedzin County Office
ul. Saczewskiego 6 / 6, Saczewskiego Street