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Dear Eurodesk Infopoints!


Europe4Youth Poland is searching for partners for a training course “NGOurlalist.” in Cracow, Poland.

The training will focus on the topic how to use journalism and social media in everyday work of NGOs. We would like to focus on practical side of it, we will organize workshop lead by an experienced journalists and PR specialists. All the effects will be published at European Youth Portal.


Offered topics and activities:

JOURNALISM (the main topic): practical workshops, learning the most common

forms: interview, news, reports; using different tools for publishing information about NGOs’ activities SOCIAL MEDIA and PR: developing skills to make NGOs more recognizable, using the advanced tools of Facebook, Twitter etc. (such as: paid adverts)

PUBLISHING: the basic information about preparing publications and graphic design for your NGO, creating logos, leaflets, posters


This is just a sketch of what we would like to work on during this project, the final program and all the activities will be prepared together with partners and send for the nearest Erasmus+ deadline (4TH OCTOBER).


We are searching for partners:

- which use journalism and social media in their everyday work

- which have among their employees or volunteers people responsible for writing and publishing (journalists, graphic designers, social media


- preferably which have among their participants European Youth Portal correspondents (not obligatory)

- who would like to take part in preparing the program and writing the application


Contact us here or through Katarzyna Płachta: k.plachta@europe4youth.eu


Regionalny Punkt EURODESK Europe4Youth - Kraków Ul. Urzędnicza 14/1 (wejście od podwórza) || 30-051 Kraków

Mail: e4ykrakow@eurodesk.eu || konsultacje@europe4youth.eu

Tel: +48 500304031

Skype: Biuro Informacji Młodzieżowej Stowarzyszenia Europe4Youth