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Engineering School is looking for partners

Dear colleagues,

I help students of this engineering school to find internship in Europe.

But the school whishes to establish partnership with companies, universities or engineering schools to promote and facilitate thier students mobility.

You have a presentation of their school ans studies:

Created in 1958 by five leading French industrial companies, CESI is a top-level higher education and vocational training institution specializing in education and training for managers, supervisors, engineers, technicians and skilled workers.

The CESI Graduate School of Engineering is a French multi-center school accredited by the French accreditation board (CTI), with an international dimension.

At the Bordeaux site, we have two programs: The Information and Technology program and the Engineering program.

Please visit our website for the Information and Technology Program (EXIA cesi): http://www.exia.cesi.fr/ and our Engineering Program (EI cesi): https://www.eicesi.fr/.

Our students are carrying out several work placements that can be completed abroad.

For the Information and Technology program, a work placement abroad is mandatory during the 4th year of the program.

For the Engineering program, a semester abroad is mandatory during the 2nd year of the Master’s degree program.

You will find below our placement schedule for each program (the starting dates of the work placements are adjustable).

We are currently seeking for partner companies to host our students for a work placement abroad on systems and networks or development subjects.

We are also seeking for European universities to build new partnerships so that we may exchange our students for an academic semester in the field of computer science or industrial performance and our professors for a short-term exchange.

We would like to thank you for sharing our school’s information and helping us create exchange opportunities with your network. For any complementary information or partnership opportunities, please do contact us at +335 56 95 50 54 or by email: ldalmau@cesi.fr.


All the best,

Anne de Kermoysan
Eurodesk Bordeaux
CIJA - 125 cours Alsace et Lorraine
33000 Bordeaux
Tél. : 05 56 56 00 40
Mél. : anne.dekermoysan@cija.net