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Vocational apprenticeship for polish students

The project includes participation of 30 students from Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz Complex of Culinary Schools in Bydgoszcz in a vocational training. The target group of the project are going to be students of the 2nd and 3rd grade of the technical school studying to become a nutrition and catering services technician. The programme involves 2 training trips in the 2017/2018 school year and 15 students will participate in each of them.

The aim of our project is to enable our students to be trained, which, in our opinion, will not only contribute to their professional development but enhance their knowledge of the foreign language as well, especially in the field of the professional vocabulary. Foreign vocational trainings may also enhance our students’ better start at the labour market. Another aim of the project is exchanging experiences, promoting and popularising the idea of foreign professional trainings and professional experience as an opportunity to enter the labour market. In order to put the project into practice a team responsible for conducting its particular stages will be formed. In the beginning the rules of cooperation with the partner of the project will be established and proper agreements will be signed.

After the participants of the particular groups will be selected, they will undergo a preparation programme comprising extra lessons of the professional foreign language, foreign culture training as well as a meeting with a career officer. The main aim and at the same time the following step of the project is taking part in the foreign vocational training during which the students will improve their professional skills.

When the students come back, they will produce a film documenting and promoting foreign vocational training. Having finished the project, both parties will evaluate and assess the cooperation as well as its benefits.

The project will improve the professional qualifications of the participants, provide professional development opportunities and, simultaneously, the beneficiaries will demonstrate their skills in practice. The participants of the training will receive the Europass-Mobility ECVET certificate which is acknowledged in whole Europe and will enhance the their mobility at the European labour market.

Having passed the T.06 professional exam, the participants will receive the Europass document – Certificate Supplement which confirms acquiring the qualifications and skills. Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz Complex of Culinary Schools in Bydgoszcz will apply for the document to the Central Examinations Board in Warsaw. Additionally, the project should enhance the professional motivation of its participants and improve their self-confidence and responsibility for their future. The project consolidates the European cooperation in the fields of the exchange of experiences and the vocational training. It also contributes to upbringing young people who are aware of their goals, ready to face new challenges and whom state borders do not prevent from sticking to their life plans.

Contacts with other culture are conducive to broadening minds and shaping an attitude of tolerance and respect. The project will also be an opportunity for our school to gain new experience of international cooperation in the field of vocational training and to make its educational offer more attractive. As a result of achieving the goals of the project, the school will be more attractive in the local environment, the school’s graduates will be fully prepared to enter the labour market and other students will become interested in the professional mobility.


contact person: Justyna Ormanowska

email: koordynator@zsg.bydgoszcz.pl

deadline: 05/11/2016