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Exchange with students

To whoever it may concern

My name’s Silvana Mariella, I’m a teacher of English in a secondary school, named “SMS di Via Revel”  in the city centre of Turin, a beautiful city in the north west of Italy.

For years we have successfully carried out students exchanges with different schools from other European countries using English as language of communication.

We usually involve class groups of students aged 13/14.

We would be interested in a mutual exchange of home hospitality for 6/7 days with students class groups coming from any European country. Each school should support travel expenses to get to the hosting country and activities expenses when they host.

Our students’ families are very nice and hospitable.

In case you are interested, please send  an e mail to silvanamariella@libero.it, to arrange every detail.

My best regards,

Silvana Mariella