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In My Element

Dear colleagues,

Here is a call for partner organisations.

Interested organisations may contact the organisers directly.

Thanks for your support in dissmeinating it.

Best regards.



In 2017 Amigos de Europa (Spain) will organize the training course « In My Element – A training course for youth workers to develop talent management as a tool to improve employability » A training course for youth workers about talent management and empowerment of young people using self-exploration as a tool. The trainers will be Emilia Radu

(Romania) and Dominique Verschuren (Belgium).

The TC will be build up in three periods. In the second half of June 2017 there will be a TC in Lucena, Spain. In the second half of September 2017 there will be an evaluation and assessment TC again in Lucena. In between, during three months the participants will implement their talent management into the practice of their own community.

The TC will involve 3 participants from 8 different European Union member and partner countries (totally max. 24 participants). Those participants will participate during the whole project: first week training, three months implementing and a final week training in September. We will apply for the TC under Key Action 1 with the 4/10/2016 deadline.

Are you interested in being partner in this project?

In the attachment you find the Partner Identification Form. Please fill out the Identification Form. and it back before the 22th of September.

The project is designed completely after the needs of the partner organisations and their youth workers, therefore, we would create partnerships only with those who dedicated their time to evaluate their NGO and provide us info about their needs and strengths that can be valuable for this application form.

You can send them to: monomythsassociation@gmail.com with the subject title: Partnership KA 1 project “In my element”.