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EVS in Poland


We are searching for willing volunteer from GERMANY to do long term project in our Foundation in Poland, ASAP!

I will appreciate very much, if you can spread the info and also attached file

European Voluntary Service in Lublin, Poland Dates of activity: ASAP for 12 months! (long term project) Required country of volunteer: Germany Number of volunteers: 1 Age of volunteer: 18-30 e-mail to contact: monika.mieleszko@sempre.org.pl

deadline for sending application: 30.10.2016

The volunteer will be working in the Day Room with children. Every day together with the other workers, teachers other EVS volunteer from Georgia will be making the activities for kids connected with art, drama, sport, music, culture, languages, etc.

The volunteer should be opened for kids and be empathic as well as polite and caring. We will appreciate the person, who will have already some experience in the field of pedagogy, childcare, teaching or any education related with youngsters, but we are also very opened for people, who want to get some new experience and are willing to learn and develop in another area.

Apart the activities in Day room, volunteer will be having workshops in a schools and high schools about EVS, their countries, culture and all topics volunteer is interested in. As well as in the schools, volunteer may make some activities in the other places like community centres, libraries, recreation centres etc. Any willing persons are very welcomed to contact with us as soon as possible!


All the best,

Monika Mieleszko

Fundacja Sempre a Frente/ Sempre a Frente Foundation Regionalny Punkt Eurodesk w Lublinie/Regional Point of Eurodesk Lublin