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EVS in Czech Republic

 we are URGENTLY looking for a volunteer from POLAND, SLOVAKIA, GERMANY OR AUSTRIA! project for 10 months, start possible immediately, please contact us at iva@hodinah.cz



Volunteers will have work time divided between the different therapies for seniors (50%), social integration activities with seniors, local volunteers, youth and children (30%), activities in the primary schools in Myslibořice, (10%) and some care activities (feeding, helping with dressing, reading, walks and chats with clients) (10%). Rest, the 5% is reserved for meetings, reflection, Youthpass and learning.

Activities included:

accompanying elderly people or children in handicrafts, reading to seniors, participating nad supporting the leisure time of elderly people in residence home and children and youth at the local school, cooperation in the project with the school and common activities with Diakonie, intercultural activities fro all target groups of Diakonie using different methods and tools, activities with elderly people or children, language activities, preparation of gifts from different materials (cloth, sewed fruit, wood) for special celebrations and holidays (St. Nicholas, Christmas gifts, birthdays, names days, presents for visitors), decoration of rooms and common rooms in the castle in according to season or holidays, ergotherapy for the elderly people (including e.g. handcrafting, pottery, needlework, knitting), walking and as well work in the garden. The staff organizes several concerts of classical music during the year.

Those take place in the castle or in the garden. The team also cooperates with the Cultural Centrum of Moravske Budejovice town. Most of the cultural events are open to the public which helps to connect the residence community with the world outside.

The volunteers can together with the local volunteers (mostly university

students) prepare events, trips, celebrations, parties outside the Resident´s Home. This is also the space for volunteer´s own project.

The volunteers can visit a lot of leisure time activities at local school and not only participate but also support them or create the new. They can choose from variety of activities where they participate in leisure time activities of local youth and children (plastic arts, painting, step dance, conversation in his/her mother tongue if it´s his/her desire, football etc.). The volunteers can take a part of his/her project also with children and youth (a performance, a photo exhibition, e.g.).

Hosting organisation: Diakonie Mysliborice, Czech Republic