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Italian secondary school school is looking for partners

Dear colleagues,
the Italian school “ITET Federico II” is looking for partners to apply a project in Erasmus Plus Program - Key Action 2.
Please find below the description of the school and the contacts of the teacher in charge of school projects.
I ask you, if you can, to spread this information to the schools in your territory.

Best regards
Elisabetta  Leone
Europe Direct ASI Caserta

Full Legal Name : Istituto Tecnico Economico Tecnologico "Federico II"
Address : Via Nazionale Appia – 81043- Capua (Region  Campania)
Website www.itfederico2.gov.it 
Type of Organisation : Vocational or technical secondary school (EDU-SCHVoc) - PIC 945752717

Contact Person
Teacher  Mrs. Maria Scialdone
Email  fradom4@alice.it   Telephone +390823965827

Briefly school presentation
Federico II Technical  Secondary School  was founded in 1989 and  has 600 students, aged 14 to 19. They are trained in various professions:  Management, finance and marketing, Tourism, Construction- environment and territory, Transport and logistics, Business information systems to improve business efficiency with particular regard to the storage system.odt and Sirio (evening course for adults).
Federico II Technical  Secondary School  it also offers an opportunity for working students, adults who already have  a job but  dropped out for any reason. Extracurricular activities  are developed in order to improve the cultural and professional skills of the students. English, French, German languages courses, ICT, Maths , Art and History courses, Most of them  are financed by the European funds empowering courses for certifications in foreign languages and  European computer driving licence.
The school took part in the Comenius project “WAP”, 2012/2014, (We aren’t problematic) which focused on observing the classroom problems and developing strategies to resolve them, to prevent early school leaving  with students at risks of failing, being dismissed, undisciplined and unmotivated.
The school is participating as a partner in Erasmus + KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices (2016) entitled “Inventions and cultural behaviour”.