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Promoting a pro-healthy lifestyle for teenagers

We are an esteemed secondary school in Bialystok, Poland with students aged 16-19. We are looking for Erasmus Plus partner for a project promoting a pro-healthy lifestyle for teenagers (Action 2). As we are the best school in our region (www.ilo.pl),our students are bright, eager to learn and they achieve outstanding academic results.

However, some of them sometimes face such problems as general lack of fitness, mood swings or eating disorders. Due to lack of knowledge, time or negligence, they tend to lead un unhealthy lifestyle, have bad eating habits and avoid physical activity (e.g. they skip PE lessons). We have created an innovative project in which students will try to develop beneficial pro-healthy patterns of behaviour. Our fields of interest would be: health, sport and food.

If you are racking your brains, trying to encourage your computer buffs and bookworms to venture out, do some sport and make a positive change in their lifestyle, consider joining our project and sharing your experience on those matters.

Contact person: Anna Buchowska abuchowska@ilo.pl

Deadline: 01/01/2017 r