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Culture and Heritage for PEACE

Dear Partners,

I’m Encarni Lara, person contact for project. I’m from Spain. I’m working for AYUNTAMIENTO DE VILLA DEL RÍO.

Our organization coordinator is local public administration.

I’m sending to you this Call of partners for a Project that you would like to organize in Villa del Río, Córdoba, Spain from 11 to 22 September 2017 entitled “Culture and Heritage for PEACE”, a project about promoting culture of peace and non-violence through the identification, protection and preservation of cultural heritage as a common ground for dialogue and a tool to build peace.

We’re looking for 3 partners for this European Youth exchange.

4 partners (including AYUNTAMIENTO DE VILLA DEL RÍO). For each partner: 5 young people aged from 24 to 30 years old + 1 leader (no age limit).

Total: 4 partners X (5 participants + 1 group leader) = 24 participants.

Participants must be interested in the topics and (IMPORTANT) to contribute in recovery some contemporary archeological sites.

So, you will find in attached document some documents:

- Partner Identification From (PIF)

- The Mandate

Could you, please, activate your network an spread this email in your different contacts in direction especially of organizations which can be interested by this Youth project about culture of peace and non-violence, Cultural Heritage and Contemporary History and Archeology.

If an Organization is interested to be partner with us, it can make contact with me by email (dinamizadora @hotmail.com)

I hope that this European Youth project will interest you and your network.






Plaza de la Constitución, 8 (14640), Villa del Río (Córdoba) SPAIN

(+34) 957178041 dinamizadora@hotmail.com


Oficina de Información Juvenil de Villa del Río Guadalquivir, 6 . Planta Baja

14640- Villa del Río (Córdoba)


Fax: 957177177